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IMMEDIATE Press Release – July 12th, 2010
With reference to Brompton's  Press Release dated 22nd June 2010.  We like to highlight that the mentioned brand “Scoop”, is not manufactured nor distributed by Grace Gallant.   
In addition, the Spanish court injunction is applicable only in Spain and is specifically directed towards the brand and model marketed as “Oxford”. The Court injunction is very specific about the model and brand.
We attach an extract of the ruling from the Spanish Court No 5. This ruling is not exclusive to all countries and channels where the “Oxford” model is distributed or sold apply to Flamingo bike models that do not bear the “Oxford” brand.
Grace Gallant is a Taiwanese manufacturer with sustained innovations on foldable mechanism that surpass similar models and marketed under the FLBP series. With 15 years of innovation and bike design in Taiwan, we continue to release new designs for the global biking industry despite the economic challenges.
We have since notified Brompton UK to correct this Press Release.
For any further clarifications on the Press Release, you can direct them to susanchang@flamingobike.com